The competition training schedule is specifically designed for young performing arts students who have dreams of developing their talent to one day work in the entertainment industry.

Our team's are designed to create a fully rounded performer and covers all bases needed in today’s industry, from every dance style to vocal coaching and acrobatics.

The training extends a dancer’s knowledge and technique to a new and higher level of training. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement and encouragement we aim to build a dancer’s confidence as well as style and technique.

Each team member has the opportunity to compete in Competitions as a troupe and as soloists, with the best teachers offering their expertise and choreography to complement each dancer’s own facility and style.

Whilst we encourage the dancers to compete in competitions, this is not the main focus of the year. There is a mid-year vocal showcase, end of year dance showcase,

as well as other events throughout the year that will showcase our team's.

The school’s teachers will guide the parents and students on how to achieve their dreams in a professional and educational environment that will cater to their unique needs.

A 100% attendance rate is mandatory.


(Invitation Only) Private dance tuition for competition level are available for students via invitation only.

(Non-Invitation) Students may wish to enjoy non-competitive private tuition to work on technique and work towards reaching personal goals. 


Times are strictly limited and students may be required to be placed on a waiting list. Where possible, lessons will be scheduled on a day that the student attends group classes, however this is not always possible and students need to be prepared to attend their private lesson on a day that they do not regularly attend for group classes. Competitive level Students are able to enter competitions throughout the year, at the discretion of JDC and in collaboration with their teacher. 


There is a list of Victorian dance & vocal  competitions available to the students on the student notice board. Students must not miss classes, rehearsals or any other JDC group commitment’s to participate in a solo/duo/trio/group competition. Students may wish to travel interstate/overseas to compete. The student/parent is responsible for all extra costs incurred such as costumes, competition entry fee, etc.

Choose between a 30 minute express or a 1 hour intense training session.
Students may only book a teacher for no longer than 1 hour per week.

What does the JDC solo department offer? 


  • Private solo lessons

  • Mid year solo showcase's

  • Annual solo recitals 

  • Competition's Australia wide

  • Audition opportunities

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Exam work (A.T.O.D /  Acrobatic Arts) by request only