How To Use Zoom

  1. Find a device that has a large screen. A phone is fine, but an iPad laptop or TV is more inviting. If utilising an iPad, please download the Zoom app, if on a laptop, just click the Zoom link which will be sent via email.

  2. When you join the live video call, please stay on ‘Mute’ until your teacher asks you to un-mute you mic. We will have time to be social and connect, you will see the other dancers on your screen too.

  3. Your teacher will be live during your normal class time, so please log in when it is your time. If you are a few minutes early, that is ok – your teacher will let everyone know when the new class will change over.

Please ensure

By registering into our online classes you understand that you participate in these classes at your own risk. 

What that means is though your teacher may be able to see you, it is not the same as a live, in-studio class. 

You will have to take more responsibility than usual for your space and safety.



Make sure you have a clear, safe space, at least 2mx 2m, free of obstacles such as furniture, cords or anything sharp. Be careful of slippery surface or spills. Be aware of tripping hazards such as rugs or pets!



Set up your device so your teachers can see and hear you.

You will be on mute when you enter the class.

Ensure you have the volume set high so that you can hear the instructions.

If you have a window behind you, close the curtains your teacher can see you.


Ballet – have a chair or bench/table that you can use as a barre.


Tap – have a piece of board that you can Tap on, or you can Tap on your own wooden floors (make sure all screws are in securely), you can wear socks over your tap shoes or just wear a different pair of shoes for now, such as school shoes.

Stretch & Conditioning – You will require a yoga mat & yoga block for this class. 

Yoga Ball Ballet PBT – You will require a yoga ball & yoga mat for this class. 


Safe Dance

It is mandatory to wear your JDC uniform including dance shoes to your online classes just as you would for your regular classes. 

Make sure you warm-up before dancing.

Train within your limits.

Do not dance with an injury.

If an exercise or action causes sharp or sudden pain, stop immediately, apply first aid or seek help from your parents. Advise your teacher as soon as possible.

Hydrate before, during and after classes.

Be mindful of prior training and engage good technique.

Wear appropriate footwear (avoid socks as you may slip).


Cyber Safety

If you are under 18 years of age, you should have an adult supervising you while doing online classes.

DO NOT share Zoom links or record, re-use or re-post any material without explicit permission from JDC Performing Arts Studios. 

Now let’s get going and have some fun!

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